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masterMFen: r54061blackend20 hours
masterMFen: r54061blackend20 hours
release/10.4.0FreeBSD docset for 10.4-RELEASEblackend3 years
release/11.1.0FreeBSD docset for 11.1-RELEASEblackend3 years
release/11.2.0FreeBSD docset for 11.2-RELEASEblackend2 years
release/11.3.0FreeBSD docset for 11.3-RELEASEblackend17 months
release/11.4.0FreeBSD docset for 11.4-RELEASEblackend5 months
release/12.0.0FreeBSD docset for 12.0-RELEASEblackend2 years
release/12.1.0MFH of r53464blackend13 months
release/12.2.0FreeBSD docset for 12.2-RELEASEblackend5 weeks
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20 hoursMFen: r54061HEADmastermasterblackend
21 hoursAdd translated version of x-compiz-fusion section.blackend
22 hoursAdd "Unix: A History and a Memoir" to the list0mp
26 hours- Merge the following from the English version:ryusuke
26 hours- Merge the following from the English version:ryusuke
41 hoursUncomment the 12.2-STABLE download URLs.gjb
44 hoursAdd some missing &amd; and &intel; entities.blackend
44 hoursCorrectly tag root username.blackend
46 hoursAdd freebsd-vendor-summit-2020 eventlwhsu
47 hoursAdd missing full stopslwhsu