BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMark the repository as being converted to Git.lwhsu8 months
masterMark the repository as being converted to Git.lwhsu8 months
release/10.4.0FreeBSD docset for 10.4-RELEASEblackend4 years
release/11.1.0FreeBSD docset for 11.1-RELEASEblackend4 years
release/11.2.0FreeBSD docset for 11.2-RELEASEblackend3 years
release/11.3.0FreeBSD docset for 11.3-RELEASEblackend2 years
release/11.4.0FreeBSD docset for 11.4-RELEASEblackend14 months
release/12.0.0FreeBSD docset for 12.0-RELEASEblackend3 years
release/12.1.0MFH of r53464blackend22 months
release/12.2.0FreeBSD docset for 12.2-RELEASEblackend10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-08Mark the repository as being converted to Git.HEADmastermasterlwhsu
2020-12-07Move mmokhi@ to the developer alumni.rene
2020-12-07Sync ports-secteam on the admistration page to the mailing list: Add riggs.riggs
2020-12-05handbook: clarify that cmd examples use sh syntaxcarlavilla
2020-12-05Remove 'head' from 'subtrees', and uncomment the 'main' addition.gjb
2020-12-05Avoid an unnecessary secondary 'svn co' call in the 'make install'gjb
2020-12-05Send fail-mail to me directly until I'm sure the transition togjb
2020-12-04Update the webupdate script to uncomment git calls prior to thegjb
2020-12-04Add (commented) logic to webupdate{,.wrapper} to prepare for thegjb
2020-12-03Add "education" virtual category to Porter's Handbook.ygy